about me

Hello! My name is Suzdaltseva Marina.I have born in St-Petersburg Russia but last 18 years live in Greece. 

I work with small form sculptures and art doll creating since 2010. I had started working with textile sculpting,but now mainly work with polymeric and air-dry clay. I always make a very strict selection of vintage fabrics, lace and hand embroidery which I use in work. 

All of my artworks are made with no use molds or pre-made forms. 

So fare I have made more than 80 unique artworks, which now belong to private collections and exhibits all around the globe. 

Each work of art is unique and can't be replicated. 

The time needed for the creation of each work is estimated from 2 weeks to few months. I have been awarded in International Competitions (Germany,Czech Republic and Russia) and have taken place in many art-based exhibitions and events in art galleries in Greece and other countries.